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Buffalo  Melbourne 3 & 4: Jennifer (last post for trip)


Beijing  Sustainable design application in BIFT

Melbourne  Patagonia – Living Our Company’s Mission

24 April

Melbourne  Patagonia – Living Our Company’s Mission


16 April

Melbourne  The Truth Behind the Barcode

5 April

Manchester  Video: Sustainable Fashion, The Movement.

30 March

Manchester  Stella McCartney In Conversation for the launch of #BoFVOICES

21 March

Buffalo  Melbourne 3 & 4: Jennifer (last post for trip)

Manchester  Melbourne Final Days

Beijing  Sustainable design application in BIFT

Melbourne  RMIT Global Connect Forum Melbourne 20 March 2015

Buffalo  Sustainable Practices we saw: Jennifer

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  TED Talks – William McDonough: Cradle to cradle design

Manchester  World Water Day 22nd March

Beijing  People working in fashion should always be crazy about what they do .

Manchester  Fashion Consumption in the UK by Nick Hall – Lecture

Manchester  Can materials innovation save the world?

Manchester  the Whitworth, who made THEIR clothes?

20 March

Beijing  RMIT University campus scene

Beijing  Melbourne City Impression-NightSence

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  Melbourne RMIT Connect Forum @mmu_connect

Manchester  Vivienne Westwood on capitalism and clothing: ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’

Manchester  We’re LIVE on twitter from RMIT University Melbourne, Australia @mmu_connect

Manchester  “Could ibeacon be the future innovation of sustainable shopping?” by Violet Currey

Buffalo  Melbourne day 1 & 2: Jennifer

19 March

Manchester  Melbourne Fashion Week (Day 2)

Beijing  Connect Project Forum in BIFT

Melbourne  RMIT Global Connect Part 04 – Industry Panel

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Melbourne  RMIT Global Connect Part 03 – Keynote Speech, Karen Webster

Melbourne  RMIT Global Connect Part 02 – Grant Emerson & Rebecca Shotton

Melbourne  RMIT Global Connect Part 01 – Opening Speech by Robyn Healy


Beijing  open the silk to find the dyeing secret

Beijing  Displaying the results of dyeing

18 March

Manchester  Melbourne First Impressions (Day 1)

Beijing  BIFT Museum of Ethnic Costume

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  A Solution for a Sustainable Fashion Industry

Manchester  Exploring BIFT China Day 4

Beijing  So this is the nature dye

17 March

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Buffalo  China day 3: Jennifer

Buffalo  China day 2: Jennifer

Buffalo  China Day 1: Jennifer

Manchester  Made in Bangladesh

16 March

Manchester  Alison Welsh: Hand Made

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  The Forbidden City Snaps

Manchester  Sustainable fashion: how to bring sustainability into the apparel industry

15 March

Beijing  Understanding the Chinese Culture–from Forbidden City to Prince Gong Mansion, Beijing

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  NPR | The World Behind a Simple Shirt in 5 Chapters

Manchester  Visiting Aimer Lingerie Company

14 March

Beijing  Visiting Beijing Aimer Fashion Group & 798 Art District


Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  ‘Let Fashion Go To Waste’ – a presentation by the students of International Fashion Practice at MMU

Manchester  Story of Stuff Project

13 March

Beijing  Brilliant meeting in Manchester, the feast of collision of ideas in Fashion

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  Lucy Siegle names @mmu_connect as an ‘UBER DISRUPTOR’ on twitter

Beijing  The Art Of “Make do and Mend”

Manchester  Connect Forum – Sass Brown, Writer, journalist, blogger, fashion designer, researcher & activist @ecofashiontalk

Manchester  Connect Forum – Orsola de Castro, Founder of From Somewhere, Esthetica and Co-Founder of Fashion Revolution

Manchester  Connect Forum – Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution and Pachacuti

Manchester  Fast Fashion – Affordable or Exploitative?

12 March

Manchester  Style in My City: Buffalo, by Jennifer Steinhorst

Manchester  Fashion Consumption in Australia by Grant Emerson RMIT

Manchester  Fashion Consumption in China – Professor Bingbing Du

Manchester  Fashion Consumption in the USA by Dr. Lynn Boorady

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  Sustainable Innovation in Fashion, by Anna Smolovyk

Manchester  CONNECT FORUM – ‘Style in my city: Melbourne’ by Bec Shotton

Manchester  CONNECT FORUM – Fashion Consumption in the UK – presentation by Nick Hall

Manchester  Style in My City: Beijing by Yuqi Wang

Manchester  Detox: How People Power is Cleaning Up Fashion

Manchester  CONNECT FORUM – ‘Style in my city: Manchester’ by Anna Smolovyk.

Buffalo  Day 3: Manchester by Jennifer

11 March

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  Crowdsourcing innovation for sustainable fashion

Beijing  Chinese Traditional Tie-dyeing

Beijing  Video and Pictures: The BIFT team and their artwork

Manchester  MMU’s Big Issue

Manchester  Manchester Day 1

10 March

Buffalo  Day 2 in Manchester by Jennifer

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  Welcome to Manchester – meet the MMU Connect team

Manchester  Department of Apparel


Manchester  ReThink Fashion with Manchester Metropolitan University

Beijing  Patchwork in China

9 March

Beijing  Bye, Buffalo, and hello Manchester

Buffalo  Day 1: Manchester from Jennifer

Melbourne  Manchester: Day One

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Beijing  Both-side efforts making things positive.

Manchester  Buffalo Through Snaps

Manchester  Students attend METIS presents World Factory – a café conversation

Manchester  Sustainable Fashion: the movement

Buffalo  VF Corporation: Ensuring Operational Efficiencies and High Social Standards in Our Supply Chain


8 March

Buffalo  VF Corporation: Reducing our Carbon Footprint and Increasing Energy Efficiency

Beijing  Sustainable Design In Beijing Design Week

Manchester  A few days in Buffalo…

Beijing  Psycho Recycle——a second-hand shop in Beijing

Melbourne  Buffalo: Day Three

Buffalo  Day 3: Jennifer’s thoughts

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  KEY REPORTS:

Manchester  Sustainable fashion is a shared responsibility

Buffalo  Mass Production in Haiti

7 March

Beijing  Chinese lacquer painting

Beijing  Something with more of an urban flavor

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Manchester  Students take part in Sustainability Fair at MMU

Manchester  What Price Cheap Clothes?

Buffalo  VF Corporation: Water reduction, Recycling and Reuse

Manchester  WATCH & LISTEN:

Beijing  The enjoyment part of designing is to revise

Melbourne  Buffalo: Day Two

Buffalo  Day 2: Jennifer’s thoughts

6 March

Beijing  2014 BIFT Fashion Week

Beijing  Graduation Season,Graduation show

Beijing  Our publication on BIFT Fashion Week

Beijing  The students in BIFT

Beijing  BIFT:What tops our agenda

Manchester  #FASTFACTS Did you know?…

Beijing  The Introduction of BIFT

Beijing  WELCOME! This is BIFT

Buffalo  The Salvation Army

Buffalo  SMART Textile Recycling

Buffalo  VF Corporation: Sustainability by Design

Buffalo  Bonded Logic


5 March

Buffalo  The Connect Team have arrived in Buffalo!

Manchester  #FastFacts Did you know?…

Manchester  Connect online via twitter @mmu_connect

Buffalo  Introduction to the Buffalo State Team

Manchester  Welcome to the Connect Project

Melbourne  Connect with 4 International Institutions

Manchester  It’s ‘World Book Day’… checkout our reading list

Beijing  Connect is about sustainable fashion

Buffalo  Buffalo, NY: This place matters

Buffalo  Buffalo: America’s Best Designed City

Buffalo  VF Corporation