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Hi readers ~ I am  Yuqi Wang


Glad you clicked in here I would love to share the day thoughts with you.


The second day in Buffalo is also full of surprises.

To me, the most attractive part is the wedding gowns. We met the local wedding dress designer Ali Eagen who does recreates wedding gowns that have been preserved, updating them for today’s brides.

Ali is a young lady who was studied in FIT in New York few years ago, her studio is located in the downtown of buffalo. The place is so elegant and cozy; I wish I would have one like that.

The decoration style of the hole building and studio is very tradition, but also added some new elements. The communication is quite delightful, Ali likes she’s concept about recreated, and even for gay wedding dresses. Very attractive.

The reason why I am so interested is that, Although wedding is a historical ceremony, and the wedding gowns already have 200years history, quite long time if compares to other kind actually. And it is a particular big market as well.

That makes me think, western wedding dress is now very popular in China, and the number of China’s famous wedding dress designers are not poor, also this kind of recreate concept is not difficult to accept, so why I haven’t heard or seem any of the recreate studio in China?

I researched something about the Chinese wedding dress history and development ,found that at the Republican period ,people advocated red while white is just the opposite meaning of happiness.   In the 1920’s,together with absorbing western culture, wedding dress showed up in China which was bringing back by student study abroad. They would like to hold the ceremony in church as well.

In 1930’s,big cities such as Shanghai has already identified it as a fashion trend. Well in 1940’s, the White dress has been popular and the wedding photos were starting to be diversification.

Things were very different in 1950~1970,the unstable situation of politics made every imitation of capitalism was improper. So wedding dress went back to the start.

In 1980’s the reform and opening-up policy bring back things like white wedding dress, up to now, even if traditional wedding is still going on but most of Chinese weddings are still go with the prince and princess way.

I think I found my answer .For the young brides in recent years, there is a gap in the middle of the history,that grandmother’s dress is countrified while mother maybe do not even have there isn’t a kind of tradition about passing the dresses to the next generation. not like in western, even if young bride doesn’t like, they may still have one.

A famous Chinese Artist said, the enjoyment part of drawing is to revise. so does the design.

When I talked to Ali ,I asked her a question ,Is she willing to discuss every detail with the bride or prefer to surprise them? I think that every designer will answer the same. Designers and clients both like surprise, each designer is happy to use their unique aesthetic vision creates the most satisfied works even if have some limits, especially for big day like wedding. When having different ideas, sometimes step a little step back will make the process of recreate experience become rosier. Since these dresses are covered with whole family emotion that makes the single gown so meaningful.

Thanks to Rebecca’s photos. I appreciate.

Thank you all for reading.        YUQI


Written by BingBing Du