Beijing  Psycho Recycle——a second-hand shop in Beijing

When it comes to sustainable innovation, there is a second-hand shop, Psycho Recycle, well worth visiting.

We all have some ‘past loves’ in wardrobe. Why not share them with others? This second-hand shop with brand new concepts shows Beijing’s new attitudes towards fashion and life.

‘Your trash, my diamond’. Psycho Recycle collects idle clothings mainly from rock musicians, designers, and fashionistas. After sifting and reprocessing,idle clothings wait for their new masters at the store.

You can see a variety of brands there, from Zara、Topshop、H&M to Gucci、Chanel. Better yet, the price is considerable as well.

People in Beijing are paying more and more attention to sustainable innovation now. Psycho Recycle makes us thinking about fashion and future.

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Written by BingBing Du