Beijing  Both-side efforts making things positive.


Hi readers ~ I am Yuqi Wang


Glad you clicked in here I would love to share the third day thoughts with you.


The third day actually right now is the fourth day we just arrived in Manchester


Everything still goes very well

I would like to say that I like all members for their difference.


We have a quiet easy day because we are leaving for Manchester tomorrow. I still feel farctate, which is good.

Local boutique stores are very attractive which located near the buffalo state campus ,and those are really distinctive, they are all villadom ,and it’s quiet a number of second hand chic .

The second hand chic is not identified as the vintage shop ,still have differences between them and some of stuffs are luxury brands.

It may be a consumption pattern, Which reminds me a male friend of mine who like things high quality and fashion, yet his buying power doesn’t allow him to do what ever he wants, especially he changes so fast, so this is how he does; He buy the favourite one he recently searching even it’s expensive, and sold it then for another good one after his being bored with it. The choice becomes more. Actually people like to donate or sell their useful things and renovate their closet system is a very interesting thing. Collecting clothes, shoes ,jewellery, makes me think sometimes we shouldn’t mind so much .No matter if the reason of buying is all depend on preferences or other reasons, second hand chic are still attractive.

Another store is also impressive. We may call it a select shop, the difference is these are all independent designers’ works. At the time when we coming into the store, the owners are taking a family photo .

I really appreciate the way that people support local brand. actually it is very forward-looking consumption pattern.When I asked about the proportion of the regular customers, They told me that almost about 90% customers are buffalo local neighbourhoods, and quiet stable. And when Jennifer asked about how would they do with the leftovers ,I was surprised to hear that this kind of problems doesn’t even exist ,they sold every pieces.


When thinking about this carefully, it is really not a hard thing for them actually. In my opinion, all the things they got are very elegant, and proper price, it should own the succeed to the foresight buyer.   When this lady selecting for the store, she would make sure that at least three people will buy it as soon as they see the product without any hesitate, otherwise she would not think about it.

Don’t you think that a sweater, which recreated by five different sweater’s pieces very unique?

This is very positive and stable. For selected store, buyers are important, so as the positioning of the brand, well I think the most important part is attitude. They clearly knew about the customers, and they appreciate them very much.   It’s the effort of both sides to support the local brand, very sustainable.

In America, people have already been through the very rich and wasteful period, even if the resources consume is still proceeding, but the attitude of supporting local brands and independent designer is really strong, although I don’t know what is the things is going on in other states, but I am sure it will have.

After this years Chinese Spring Festival, I read a news that tells during the ten days festival, there are almost about 450thousands people travels to Japan and spent

6 billion Yuan, almost 1 billion dollars on shopping in Japan. That shocked me ,I do admit that there are few reasons like devaluation of yen ,easy getting visa, the demanding of purchase, the long holiday time, and many other objective factor,and I ignored some of the complicated inner reason on purpose .I don’t want to judge too much ,but I do believe that If we do spent all these money on our independent designers, it should have been a big step forward, and it will exactly needed both side to cultivate the attitude, it needed time to explore, wherever the place is.


Written by BingBing Du