Buffalo  Day 1: Manchester from Jennifer

Whitworth Museum 20150309_081133

Bookshelves at Platt Hall

Bookshelves at Platt Hall

20150309_112618 20150309_114247 20150309_115008Today was delightful! It is my first time off of the continent and I’m loving every moment of the U.K. Our hotel is to die for, with beautiful architecture and history.

Our Manchester hosts took us to Good Stock Shop. This is a volunteer run consignment shop. It is still a new business and new business concept with them being here for only 6 weeks. Their largest problem with being a new business is that they need more items donated as they are seeing their customer base grow. They have thought of giving incentives to donate and they did: donate 6 bags of clothing in separate visits, you’ll get $5 off. Their shop is fully sustainable, cardboard boxes are even recycled and clothing that they cant repair is sent to a recycling manufacturer. The shop is doing extremely well and I wish it the best of luck!

We then stopped off at the Whitworth museum. We ate lunch and looked at the textilemail exhibit inside the museum. Which led us to the Platt Hall Gallery of Costume. This exhibit was full of some really cool garments. Some of their garments were as old as the 1700’s. They had infamous pieces, such as workers wear, and famous pieces, such as Queen Victoria’s mourning gown that she wore during the Duke of Clarence’s death. They not only had a clothing historical collection; they also had bookshelves full of archives from 1700’s until now. These archives include personal picture’s and stories, magazines, and old fashion book.


Until tomorrow! Which I hope you do as we will Be Attending The International Conference.


Lynn Boorady

Written by Lynn Boorady