Manchester  Students attend METIS presents World Factory – a café conversation

METIS presents World Factory- a café conversation

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 from 18:30 to 20:30 (GMT)

Manchester, United Kingdom

Written by MMU Students, Siphosenkosi Hutton Maplanka and Dylan Tiernan 

“We are collectively hallucinating in a hyper frenzy of consumerism, and foolishly thinking we are progressing.” Amanda Langdown

 “We must move away from the mind set of viewing and needing to present sustainable clothing as an alternative, we must find ways to seamlessly incorporate it into the Apparel industry as desirable and worthy.”  Sara Han

 “It is vital for the human species to remember that it is not carrying the world, rather the world is carrying us, and I suspect that the natural disasters taking place are the planet saying to us you foolish ungrateful children.” Lena Simic

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Held at the beautiful Centre for Chinese contemporary Art, and hosted by Zoë Svendsen the Café conversation hit the ground running.  

Zoë Svendsen spoke to the house, about the developments they are undergoing and in particular an interesting technology that they have incorporated into a shirt that allows people with smart phones to learn a little more about were it came from by simply scanning the shirt, shortly after this presentation, Zoë graciously introduced and gave the floor to the three guests speakers who are the ladies quoted above, but a little description of them is as follows.

Amanda Langdown – Senior Lecturer, Fashion, Illustration with Animation at Manchester Metropolitan University with an interest in sustainable development

 Sara Li-Chou Han  researcher, designer and co-founder of Stitched Up collective

 Lena Simic – performance practitioner, co-organiser of the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home and Senior Lecturer in Drama at Liverpool Hope University

 All three guests read to the house pieces they had prepared for the talk, and in their sharing they all came to a common ground that really was concerned for the future and environment. The experience in essence really brought together the three speakers thoughts, in the sense that they pretty much agreed on the fact that macroeconomics and its baggage of defunct theories, that have enabled the crushing of local economies was the wrong model to keep following and with that in mind, the feeling was that there was a need for urgent change.

The floor was opened for what was suppose to be a questions and answers segment, which in all honesty turned into an all inclusive discussion of great relevance. In this discussion, what emerged through our conversations was the need for a new systems view based on multi disciplinary integration of all relevant research and a new matrix for determining prosperity based and measured on the quality of life, sustainability and happiness.

In our conversation the problem of getting people to work together in the sustainability movement, came to light as an issue to focus on. Working in silos in the way we have all been conditioned to by this society will not be a viable solution or tool to use for the sustainability movement. Mastering the traits of the current system so that all involved and interested in sustainability and the environment can brilliantly, effectively and silently cripple the current system of corporate greed and destruction, the conclusion was that this was the only way out.

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By Siphosenkosi Hutton Maplanka and Dylan Tiernan 

Written by Zoë Hitchen