Buffalo  Day 2 in Manchester by Jennifer

Today was a special treat. MMU was hosting their third international conference The Big Issue: What’s Next. We heard talks by Neil Dulake from Google, Armando Chant a fashion designer from Sydney University, Melanie Reim (a Buffalo State Alum) Chair of Illustration at FIT in NYC, Alexander Lamb fashion designer at Ralph Lauren, Sophie Carlier from Trend Union, Carry Somers founder of Fashion Revolution, and Sass Brown Associate Dean for the School of Art and Design at FIT in NYC.

The speakers were incredible. They all spoke about things that they believed were issues in the fashion industry,  which is something that I believe all students should be aware of. Some of the large things that were discussed were on the same lines of our project of sustainability; expose the supply chain, avoid design colonialism, respect cultural codes, produce products with care, inclusive beauty, anti-fashion, and engage yourself. Each topic is huge and the speakers did a fantastic job on teaching everyone at the conference more about each of their subjects.

Tomorrow is when myself and my other student colleagues in the project speak at the second day of the conference with more guest speakers. We will all be focusing on Sustainability; wish us luck as all of the students (including myself) are nervous.

Just another thought: Manchester is quite lovely. One of the faculty members asked me if I felt a culture shock yet, and quite honestly I don’t. Manchester makes me feel like I’m at home. There are a ton of people, there is a similar hustle and bustle. I love the feel of Manchester and I’m enjoying myself! Of course when I ride in a taxi and they’re driving on the wrong side of the road (I’m in debate with one taxi driver if we’re crazy driving on the right or if they’re crazy driving on the left) that scares me. But I’m sure after this trip that I will be coming back here. It is quite enjoyable and I know I would like to spend more time here and I would recommend to anyone to come here!

Until tomorrow!

Dr. Boorady and Jennifer Speakers Manchester

Lynn Boorady

Written by Lynn Boorady