Beijing  Chinese Traditional Tie-dyeing

Batik tie-dye can be described as sister of the sister arts, but it is the special process performance, outstanding performance in the production the hand is pricked. The handwork tie-dyeing and coloring has its own unique aesthetic characteristics,which cannot compare with other artistic forms.
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Traditional tie-dyeing clothing has a long history in our country, be favored by people for it’s simple and unique aesthetic taste all the way, changed and developed with social culture, embodied the wisdom and the creativity of Chinese folk. Modern tie-dyeing, developing at the base of traditional tie-dyeing clothing and reserves manual implication and individuality aesthetic of traditional tie-dyeing clothing was adored by people for it catered to the modern people s mental requirement.
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Bai tie-dye only best-selling also migrating are sold to southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, is a kind of marble export of traditional folk handicrafts.
If you are the creative type, then you could always paint onto these plain T’s or do some other type of t-shirt decoration (screen print, tye-dye, patchwork etc…)
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Written by BingBing Du