Manchester  Manchester Day 1

After arriving in Manchester at 6:30am, it wasn’t long before the whole Connect team was whisked away on its tour of fashion, seeing us explore everything, from contemporary reclaimed and re-sold second hand clothing for the youth at Goodstock, the new art installation pieces at the Whitworth gallery, and the historical costumes at Platt Hall.


Considered to be part of one of the 10,000 charity shops throughout the UK, Goodstock comes with a bit of a twist. Not only is it completely geared at the younger, student orientated market (with its key demographic below the age of 25), but it is also a more sustainable, and hence ethical business model compared with its scarf-knitting partner. With nothing going to waste after being donated, unsuitable items go to be recycled, resulting in clothing that is made to find a better home.

Despite not having the opportunity to explore all of the Whitworth gallery’s amazing collection of art installation and exhibitions, the Connect team did get a chance to see a few of the art pieces currently on display. Amongst which, rather fittingly, was a display of “recycled” fashion pieces, including one from Fashion Revolution – which is an organisation that believes and campaigns for an industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profit, all in equal measure.


Anna Smolovyk – MMU

Written by Zoë Hitchen