Manchester  Visiting Aimer Lingerie Company

After an amazing Chinese breakfast that was a banquet within itself, the whole connect team headed off to Aimer – a luxury lingerie company with a segmented product offering, appealing to female, male, and children consumers. A company who approaches design with the environment in mind, Aimer interestingly takes environmental factors such as pollution in mind when developing their fabrics, with the aim of producing garments that are friendly on the body’s skin. This is evidenced more than anything in the brand looking into manufacturing lingerie using bamboo and milk fibres.

This product innovation, rather than sustainable innovation is also seen in the company releasing the typical four season collections per year, with new garments added to lines every single month. With that said, production is made to order, meaning manufacture of their products is kept to the quantity for which they have been commissioned, ensuring minimal over-production and thus left over stock.
One of the most impressive elements of the company was the fact that the president of the brand is very charity focused and driven, with the Aimer foundation being registered with the Chinese government. Not only supporting impoverished children living in China’s mountains, but Aimer also does great things in donating silicone bras to women who have gone through breast cancer, which feeds into the brand’s motto: “creating beauty and delivering love”.
In addition, the company has two special subsidiary’s: Aimer Cultue and a sudo business organisation to help preserve Chinese culture and old traditional techniques, as evidenced with their in-store gallery/museum of traditionally crafted teapots and lingerie.
Anna Smolovyk – MMU

Written by Zoë Hitchen