Buffalo  China Day 1: Jennifer

Do not take a Google phone to China and expect it to work, because if you do you’ll be blocked from all earthly contact. I will now be able to post everything about China during my journey to Melbourne!


We flew in on a late afternoon flight, best way to go after a long flight so you can stay up for a few hours and fall right to sleep that night. The Beijing airport is huge! I’m really glad we had Bingbing and Yuqi wroth us otherwise I’m sure I would have been lost.

We ate dinner at the hotel, an authentic Chinese dinner. We met some of the other faculty members of BIFT. They had about six plates of food on a lazy-susan in front of us that they said were appetizers. Sup the waitress brought out a couple more plates, then a few more, then a few more, they had to take dishes away so they could put more out! It was a very impressive dinner.

The next morning they took us to the Aimer facility where we got to see their museum and speak to their designers.

After Aimer they took us to the 798 district. An art district created from abandoned manufacturing and industrial buildings. What a neat way to revitalize a dying neighborhood. One part of sustainability that is not often thought of is all of the empty manufacturing buildings that are now abandoned due to our “race to the bottom” or finding cheaper ways of making our textiles. Especially in America we have plenty of old industrial buildings that are completely empty. It was really neat to be able to see all of this space used in such a creative way.

After 798 they took us to an authentic Peking duck restaurant. They use the whole animal in China, so they offered the meat, tongues, webbing of the feet, they even used the bones as a seasoning in a soup. Yup, delicious. They made me some tasty fried rice, which was better for me.

Lynn Boorady

Written by Lynn Boorady