Buffalo  China day 2: Jennifer

This is going to be a lot of fun to write to you about! Today we went to the Forbidden City and other historical landmarks in Beijing.

We got really lucky and got to see blue skies that day with the scenery. While we were waiting for tickets we decided to take some group photos. We wanted to take a photo with all of us jumping. People were all amazed, and some even took pictures of us! We felt as if we were joined by the paparazzi. On the way in Anna even asked if she would like to have her picture taken with someone, weird but it happened.

The Forbidden City is wonderful! They’ve been able to keep it restored. But what I think is really nice is that some of the buildings are kept with the old paint and not the new one so you can see the original designs. It’s incredible that the colors are still vibrant.

After the tour of the Forbidden City we went on a ride on a rickshaw through the historic Hou Hai Hutong district. We then continued our adventure with a tour of Prince Gong’s Mansion, it represented the Forbidden City in a smaller scale.

After our huge adventure we went to eat at a restaurant that served Hot Pot. It’s a meal where they bring out a pot of flavored soup and raw vegetables and meat and they allow you to cook the vegetables and meat in the soup. It was really good, they really feed us well here.

The Hot Pot restaurant was in a mall, so afterwards we wandered through a few shops. I noticed a few differences with their shopping versus America’s shopping. Of course they have stores like H&M and Zara that are priced the same as ours but all of the other stores were completely different. Their merchandise was set up with sample garments, and some stores had outfits only set up. So when you walked around the store you would find only one sample of each item, not multiple sizes and colors of each item. Or some of the items would be paired in an outfit for you already to choose the whole outfit. This made the stores look cleaner and I could tell that it helped with shoplifting as well.

Forbidden City

All you would do is ask the store clerk to help you get your correct size. Another difference with the stores were their clerks. They didn’t just sit at a desk or by the dressing room, they followed you around. Now for myself, I don’t know the language so I couldn’t talk to the sales clerk, but Yuqi, who knows Chinese of course, was talking with the clerk and they went around the store together. Naturally if someone followed me around an American store I would be creepedout! But to Yuqi this was normal. It was really interesting. Forbidden City Our Rickshaw Chocolate with QR code

Until tomorrow!

Lynn Boorady

Written by Lynn Boorady