Buffalo  China day 3: Jennifer

Today is great we are going to speak at BIFT- Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. We are very excited. The conference started with the faculty members giving their speech on textile consumption. Then Yuqi, myself, Anna, and Bec, spoke on fashion in our city. After our speeches we listened to Chu Yung, a professor at BIFT that talked about the natural way of textile dyeing. Then we heard from Eva De Laat, who discussed some new innovations in technology that China is using to make textile manufacturing more sustainable. She has focused a lot of her research in China.

Later on we dyed our own fabrics using traditional Chinese natural dyeing techniques. We had two fabrics to choose from cotton and silk. Our cotton was going to be turned yellow by dyeing it in gardenia seeds. Our silk was turned into a light burgundy by dyeing it in boiling sandal wood. All of our creations looked fantastic.

Tomorrow we leave to Melbourne! Follow our adventures further there.This handmade quilt took a year to make. 20150316_092307 Our teacher for dyeing Before-Cold/Yellow dye Before- Hot/Red Dye During - Yellow dye My silk design before the dye All of our dye jobs

Lynn Boorady

Written by Lynn Boorady