Beijing  So this is the nature dye

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Glad you clicked in here Sorry about I didn’t post latest days, I will keep writing , but now I am going to share the third day experience in BEIJING

The experience of nature dye

Since Zhou dynasty in China that dyeing fabric has a history, the government settled “officer of dyeing”
Nature dye have three kinds
Mineral dye; cinnabar, sulphur white lead electrum
Animal dye; shell-lac coccineous warms
Plant dye; various materials widely used
And plant dye is what we are doing in BIFT.

Did some research and according designer Chuyan ;
China is one of the first countries start using plant dye. This kind of method is always the mainly used method in ancient China until 19 century the western chemical dye took place of it because of its fast dye speed and impastation. Which cost nature dye got away from the market and hide into some hard-find place.

Chemical dye is more or less have bad effects on people, especially some cloth next to skin.

To people, plant dye uses from nature plants ,some are wilding some are growed by people. Plenty of them are Chinese traditional medicine, have some treatment, so went it touched skin ,the treatment could be absorbed ,very good for health.

Like madder indigo tulip and safflower can sterilize and protect the skin.
What we used is two kinds of plant dye.
The reason why plant dye got seven even eight hundred of colour type is not only the different plant, but also during the repeating process ,from shallow to saturation ,they all different and have a own name and this is the charming part.

We used two fabrics ,cotton and silk ~ It is worth to mention that ,the effect of silk is better than cutton because of the protein element, we can also put cutton in milk to have better effect.
I am so impressed by the color of plant dye ,nature and bright .
The yellow one only needs to put in cold water,the red one has to be wait until its boiled. These difference makes the color subtleties and smooth.
During the silk process, we use clips and interwine to make the color change ,I am so happy to see every one has completely different ideas about how to deal with the parttens.. I choose just little clips and make it organized , I have no idea what it will be like until it opened and surprised me . the iron powder of the clips also bring difference.
Maybe this is why some people love plant dye very much.


Written by BingBing Du