Manchester  Melbourne Fashion Week (Day 2)

During our second day in Melbourne, me and the rest of the Connect team had the amazing privilege of siting front and centre during two shows at Melbourne Fashion Week. The first of which was Australian born Josh Goot, who seemingly derived inspiration from the likes of Peter Pilotto in his use of digital prints, exaggerated neoprene silhouettes, and simple cuts. And whilst that show was a great experience in witnessing how fashion can sometimes be seen as commercialised across the industry and market levels, it was the graduate show that provided artistic inspiration for the night.

Handpicked from renowned design institutions and universities across the country, the twelve designers were; Lauren Acciarito (RMIT), Donald Chung (UTS), Erica Deluchi (UTS), OPTIC by Monique Duggan (UTS), Vanessa Emirian (UTS), Felicity Gleeson (UTS), Natalie Kieleithner (RMIT), A.L.C.H. by Alexandra Louise Champion Hackett (RMIT), meg&n by Megan McGrath (UTS), Sofie The (UTS), April Yap (UTS), Rachael Zheng (UTS) 

It was incredible to see the unique ideas that originated and flowed through many of the students showing on the day, especially the vibrancy of colour, a far cry from the minimalist and restrained palette that has been prominent in fashion for the past few years. From silhouettes that challenged the way you perceived menswear, to texture and print that spiralled into abstract creations for the body – the applause at the end was unanimous.



Written by Zoë Hitchen