Buffalo  Melbourne day 1 & 2: Jennifer

Believe it or not we’re in our last city! We flew in Wednesday morning (or Tuesday in the states). They let us have a casual day by dropping us off at the hotel and giving us a few sites to see on our own. And so we did! Melbourne is gorgeous;  the weather is great, the city is green, streets are clean, nice looking people (who are friendly as well), and the buildings are colorful. It actually looks like the best of American cities in one place. Bec told us that it is actually really safe as well.

They’re cuisine is fantastic. Since Australia is an immigration country with a melting pot of cultures their food is a lot like Americas, with chinese, indian, italian, etc. It is really nice to have food that I recognize and love.


But enough about our casual day yesterday. Today we woke up bright and early to attend the opening of their new building. They’ve got new sewing labs and design labs, along with new lecture halls. We met the head of the school, along with the head of the department, and the head of the Virgin Australia’s Melbourne Fashion Festival. It was very exciting.

We got to tour around the school before heading off to the National Gallery of Victoria to get a behind the scenes look at their collection of Australian fashion. It was an interesting collection. They had one piece that was from the 1800’s from the old colonial days of Australia. I forgot how young Australia is. Then the collection that the curator (Dani was her name) was showing us jumped to the 1950’s beautiful soft tool dress that was designed after the New Look. And then she was able to explain to us that Australia’s fashion really started in 1960-1970 with designers such as Linda Jackson and Jenny Key. Australia stopped looking at France and England for their fashions and started to create their own looks, which is fabulous.

After scrolling through the museum we went off to get ready for the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival. RMIT was pulling out the red carpet for us and got us tickets to see the Josh Goot show and the National Graduate showcase. The shows were amazing.

One of the collections in the graduate show was completely sustainable. She used clothing tags, receipts, and security tags to make the menswear collection that she designed. Her esthetic was very innovative and yet simple. But it got me thinking. With this trip being about sustainability how could we make Runway productions and Runway shows more sustainable? It’s just something to think about. Maybe it will be something I’ll quiz the audience tomorrow about at the RMIT Q&A Connect Project Session! Twitter us some questions at @mmu_connect.20150318_134939

Lynn Boorady

Written by Lynn Boorady