Manchester  Melbourne RMIT Connect Forum @mmu_connect

Today marked the end of the Connect travelling project for us all. And although it was incredibly sad to think that our group of eight faculty members and international students will no longer be travelling the world together, we all reflected on the experience with incredible memories that none of us will forget, and on the lessons we learned during our time.

The closing Connect panel was the perfect way for each of us to have the opportunity to share our own ideas on the topic of sustainability in fashion, as well as hear what knowledge the others gained through all the experiences that we went through.

Discussion of the panel obviously rotated around many of the themes we had previously discussed during our stays in Buffalo, Manchester and Beijing, with questions in relation to the ethicalness of what corporations are currently doing in their supply chain management, and how do we foresee the industry undergoing change being the most prevalent.

Many answers pertained to the fact that consumers will have a strong hand in changing the face of the fashion landscape, but that large businesses will also need to initiate change – often through government enforced legislation.

But the one thing that each of us unanimously agreed on, is that the conversation surrounding fashion right now, has to continue. In fact, it is a more solution based approach that we should now focus on, with concrete answers being carefully analysed in regards to their effectiveness and power to fundamentally change and/or disrupt the ‘system’.

And so, our hopes for the future, and for the Connect project, include the continued global expansion of the conversation that we just initiated through the joined university project. And if we learned just one thing, it was that ‘we’ can be part of the solution.


Anna Smolovyk – MMU


Written by Zoë Hitchen