Manchester  Melbourne Final Days

Our last few days working under the Connect project have been a complete visual feast, with the opportunity to see and experience designers and retailers operating in this wonderful city being one we have all relished.

Soon after our concluding Connect Panel finished, we were able to explore an exhibition based in RMIT’s city campus Design Hub “Fashion & Performance: Materiality, Meaning, Media”, which explored the creative territory between fashion, architecture and performance, with works from contemporary practitioners displayed to awe inspiring effect – Including an incredible fashion film produced by Manchester Metropolitan lecturer Zoe Hitchen, during her time at ShowStudio.

We then had the privilege of visiting renowned milliner and RMIT alumni, Richard Nylon. Speaking about the passion he has for his craft, Richard pertained to the fact that “You sometimes have to be resourceful” and “Have to have a curiosity all the time” in order to succeed. Not only that, but the reason that he works by hand so often comes from necessity, and the fact that the minimums of producing in China are very high. Interestingly, this is a theme and thread of conversation i observed throughout our travelling project, and throughout the small boutique businesses that we visited – their sustainable approach to business and fashion comes from a model based on a need to be more conscious due to unrealistic production requirement, that come from manufacturing and outsourcing from distant countries.

Written by Zoë Hitchen