Buffalo  Sustainable Practices we saw: Jennifer

Going over some of the pictures I took and some of our adventures during our project I wanted to share a few more things that happened during the trip.

We found recycling bins, sustainable shops, met sustainable designers and some of these things didn’t even make it to my posts! So I’m dedicating a whole blog to those things to help show some practices that are happening. Sustainability can come in many forms, but it is really nice to see recycling bins, clothing drop off locations, etc. One thing that we learned from this trip is that small actions will build into larger movements.

Some things we saw in Buffalo:

Of course we saw a few recycling bins at Buffalo State and around town. We also saw several clothing drop offs in stores at the mall (H&M and Nike) and saw them along the street. We also saw coffee shops that focused on sustainability; Spot Coffee, a Buffalo chain, are selling reusable coffee mugs so reduce trash. They are offering a 10% discount when you bring in the cup. We also found several stores using sustainable clothing lines, such as Modern Nostalgia using Prelove.

Some things we saw in Manchester:

When we visited MMU I started to see that the school really pushes the students to think sustainably. There are several posters and recycling bins (big and small). One other great thing was that the hotel we stayed at, The Palace Hotel, was a green hotel.

Some things we saw in Beijing:

Our hotel in Beijing, The Poly Plaza, was also a green hotel. In Beijing we witnessed a few clothing bins, and a few eco-thinking clothing stores. These stores focused on selling organic clothing, one we found only sold clothing that we’re made from tree fibers such as Bamboo.

Some things we saw in Melbourne:

RMIT is a lot like MMU, they help to teach their students to be sustainable and recycle by putting posters and recycling bins around campus. We also passed recycling stores, one was Scavenger Hunt, which offered vintage and gently used clothing to their customers. Something that also striked me was that Melbourne’s recycling and trash/rubbish bins are labeled to what goes in each bin. I loved this! I know that sometimes I even question if something is recyclable or not and in Melbourne it is on the side of the cans.

I hope we can continue to celebrate the little things each of our cultures are doing to promote recycling and sustainability.




Sustainable cup: Spot Coffee Buffalo Sweater at Modern Nostalgia by Prelove

Sustainability poster at MMU

Sustainability poster at MMU

"desktop recycler" at MMU Good Stock Shop in Manchester Poly plaza hotel Green award Beijing "Eco" store in Beijing Recycling article at RMIT Recycling poster at RMIT Sustainability poster at RMIT Scavenger Hunt: Recycling boutique in Melbourne Recycling and Trash bin properly labeled in Melbourne

Lynn Boorady

Written by Lynn Boorady