Sustainable design application in BIFT

People working in fashion should always be crazy about what they do .

RMIT University campus scene

Melbourne City Impression-NightSence

Connect Project Forum in BIFT

open the silk to find the dyeing secret

Displaying the results of dyeing

BIFT Museum of Ethnic Costume

So this is the nature dye

Understanding the Chinese Culture–from Forbidden City to Prince Gong Mansion, Beijing

Visiting Beijing Aimer Fashion Group & 798 Art District

Brilliant meeting in Manchester, the feast of collision of ideas in Fashion

The Art Of “Make do and Mend”

Chinese Traditional Tie-dyeing

Video and Pictures: The BIFT team and their artwork

Patchwork in China

Bye, Buffalo, and hello Manchester

Both-side efforts making things positive.

Sustainable Design In Beijing Design Week

Psycho Recycle——a second-hand shop in Beijing

Chinese lacquer painting

Something with more of an urban flavor

The enjoyment part of designing is to revise

2014 BIFT Fashion Week

Graduation Season,Graduation show

Our publication on BIFT Fashion Week

The students in BIFT

BIFT:What tops our agenda

The Introduction of BIFT


Connect is about sustainable fashion