Video: Sustainable Fashion, The Movement.

Stella McCartney In Conversation for the launch of #BoFVOICES

Melbourne Final Days

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TED Talks – William McDonough: Cradle to cradle design

World Water Day 22nd March

Fashion Consumption in the UK by Nick Hall – Lecture

Can materials innovation save the world?

the Whitworth, who made THEIR clothes?

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Melbourne RMIT Connect Forum @mmu_connect

Vivienne Westwood on capitalism and clothing: ‘Buy less, choose well, make it last’

We’re LIVE on twitter from RMIT University Melbourne, Australia @mmu_connect

“Could ibeacon be the future innovation of sustainable shopping?” by Violet Currey

Melbourne Fashion Week (Day 2)

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Melbourne First Impressions (Day 1)

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A Solution for a Sustainable Fashion Industry

Exploring BIFT China Day 4

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Made in Bangladesh

Alison Welsh: Hand Made

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The Forbidden City Snaps

Sustainable fashion: how to bring sustainability into the apparel industry

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NPR | The World Behind a Simple Shirt in 5 Chapters

Visiting Aimer Lingerie Company


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‘Let Fashion Go To Waste’ – a presentation by the students of International Fashion Practice at MMU

Story of Stuff Project

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Lucy Siegle names @mmu_connect as an ‘UBER DISRUPTOR’ on twitter

Connect Forum – Sass Brown, Writer, journalist, blogger, fashion designer, researcher & activist @ecofashiontalk

Connect Forum – Orsola de Castro, Founder of From Somewhere, Esthetica and Co-Founder of Fashion Revolution

Connect Forum – Carry Somers, Founder of Fashion Revolution and Pachacuti

Fast Fashion – Affordable or Exploitative?

Style in My City: Buffalo, by Jennifer Steinhorst

Fashion Consumption in Australia by Grant Emerson RMIT

Fashion Consumption in China – Professor Bingbing Du

Fashion Consumption in the USA by Dr. Lynn Boorady

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Sustainable Innovation in Fashion, by Anna Smolovyk

CONNECT FORUM – ‘Style in my city: Melbourne’ by Bec Shotton

CONNECT FORUM – Fashion Consumption in the UK – presentation by Nick Hall

Style in My City: Beijing by Yuqi Wang